Mobile Softphone

SessionTalk Mobile is a feature rich mobile SIP Client for iOS and Android handsets with video calling and SMS Messaging.


Softphone App for Mobile

SessionTalk SIP Softphone is a fully functional mobile SIP client for your Cloud VoIP Telephony solution. With its feature set, its suitable for both businesses and individuals.

TLS & RTP Encryption

Secure your calls with TLS and RTP encryption, ensuring your privacy is always protected.

Call Recording

Record calls from incall display. Recordings show up in call history and can be played in the app or emailed to be stored offline.

Dial Plan

A very flexible call number re-writing tool. Set up rules, match on numbers, add prefixes, remove digits.

Speaks your language

SessionTalk Mobile is available in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Arabic, Japanese, Korean, Mongolian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish,and Turkish.

video callling on SessionTalk

Video Calling

Enjoy high quality video calling with the H264 &VP8 codecs.
SessionTalk's QR Code Provisioning

External Provisioning

With our QR code solution you can reduce support queries as there is no need for users to type in credentials.
save battery life with SessionTalk

Push Notifications

Save battery life with our Push Notifications feature.
SessionTalk's SMS Messaging feature


With our Messaging feature it has never been easier to stay connected.


Secure your Calls

SessionTalk SIP Softphone ensures that your communications are always safe and secure with SRTP and TLS encryption.

TLS  protects the details about whomsoever is making and receiving the call. SRTP encrypts audio and the contents of the call.