SIP RTP Tunnel

SIP VoIP Tunnel

Avoid firewall and network blocking restrictions when making VoIP calls with our SessionFlow Tunnel solution, created to help users connect.  
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Rapid Setup
Deploy quickly with no modifications to your existing VoIP configuration required.
Supports any Softswitch
Works with any softswitch including Asterisk and FreeSwitch
Excellent Voice Quality
Enjoy consistent quality without overhead.
IPV6 Support
Use with both IPV4 and IPV6 networks.
Reduce Bandwidth Consumption
Keep data usage and bandwidth low with our tunneling solution.
Multiple Platform Support
Works with our iOS, Android and Windows soft clients.

How it Works

SIP and RTP traffic is multiplexed over a single secure SSL connection by our softphone clients and sent to a detunnelizing server running in your network.

The SIP and RTP traffic is then demultiplexed and sent to your softswitch. We provide the tunnel server as a linux container running on Docker.

Keep Audio Flowing

Resolves all one way audio issues due to NAT. Bypass NAT, Firewall, Packet Inspection. Avoid being blocked by mobile operators or corporate firewalls.


Our Tunnel solution is integrated with our Push server. This simplifies your maintenance effort.
Registrations can be viewed and edited from a web admin portal.

Docker Image

Our Tunnel solution uses the same image as our Push server which is available as a docker image for fast deployment across a wide variety of infrastructure.

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